Between September 28 and October 29, 2020, the soundwalk is available via daily live-stream through the player located right above this text. The exact times of the streaming are synchronized with Vancouver's low tides. Scroll below to see a table that presents exact times of their occurence in the Vancouver area. They are listed in accordance to Pacific Time (PT) and Central European Time (CET). If you live in a different time zone, you are welcome to translate the times into your corresponding zones.

The adherence to tidal rhythms derives from respect to luni-solar energies that lie at the origin of those rhythms. Besides respecting tidal cycles, the soundwalk advocates deep consideration of the place and soundscapes that inspired its composition, namely intertidal zones of Vancouver and beyond, today and in the past. Therefore, you are strongly advised to take this soundwalk in a coastal area, on a beach, or other stretch of land temporarily revealed by the sea. If you do not live in a direct vicinity of the sea, you might consider taking this soundwalk at a lakeshore, river bank, wetland area, or similar place where water meets land.

The piece is best experienced on good quality headphones. Make sure to set up the volume in a way that it let sounds from the surrounding environment leak in and merge with the soundwalk composition. With special requests to download the file or in case of any questions, contact info[at]para-archives[dot]net.

Date 1st Low Tide PT 1st Low Tide CET 2nd Low Tide PT 2nd Low Tide CET
28.09 10:17AM 7:17PM 11:28PM 8:28AM
29.09 11:04AM 8:04PM - -
30.09 00:02AM 9:02AM 11:45AM 8:45PM
01.10 00:34AM 9:34AM 12:22PM 9:22PM
02.10 1:02AM 10:02AM 12:57PM 9:57PM
03.10 1:30AM 10:30AM 1:30PM 10:30PM
04.10 1:59AM 10:59AM 2:04PM 11:04PM>
05.10 2:29AM 11:29AM 2:39PM 11:39PM
06.10 3:01AM 12:01PM 3:18PM 12:18AM
07.10 3:35AM 12:35PM 4:05PM 1:05AM
08.10 4:15AM 1:15PM 5:06PM 2:06AM
09.10 5:03AM 2:03PM 6:38PM 3:38AM
10.10 6:02AM 3:02PM 8:22PM 5:22AM
11.10 7:11AM 4:11PM 9:17PM 6:17AM
12.10 8:22AM 5:22PM 9:59PM 6:59AM
13.10 9:26AM 6:26PM 10:39PM 7:39AM
14.10 10:21AM 7:21PM 11:19PM 8:19AM
15.10 11:12AM 8:12PM - -
16.10 00:00AM 9:00AM 12:00PM 9:00PM
17.10 00:42AM 9:42AM 12:47PM 9:47PM
18.10 1:24AM 10:24AM 1:35PM 10:35PM
19.10 2:07AM 11:07AM 2:26PM 11:26PM
20.10 2:51AM 11:51AM 3:23PM 00:23AM
21.10 3:37AM 12:37PM 4:31PM 1:31AM
22.10 4:27AM 1:27PM 5:56PM 2:56AM
23.10 5:23AM 2:23PM 7:38PM 4:38AM
24.10 6:26AM 3:26PM 9:00PM 6:00AM
25.10 7:34AM 4:34PM 9:49PM 6:49AM
26.10 *9:41AM *5:41PM 10:28PM 6:28AM
27.10 9:41AM 5:41PM 11:02PM 7:02AM
28.10 10:32AM 6:32PM 11:33PM 8:33AM
29.10 11:17AM 7:17PM - -
* moved from 8:41AM due to another streaming taking place earlier