Reveil - International Dawn Chorus Day 2023
Streaming on Sunday, May 7, between 3:45 and 5:00am CET

This stream takes you to the edge of the forest on Lidingö island in Stockholm. It is a particularly interesting and vibrant kind of a local ecotone, a transitory zone where several different ecosystems meet. The forest comprises a mix of coniferous and deciduous trees, mostly larch, oak, pine trees and birches which make for a rich nesting ground for a variety of birds: tits, finches, blackbirds, robins, nuthatches, woodpeckers among others. Next to the forest is a golf course which besides local human inhabitants also serves as a site for migratory birds and animals. However, one of the most interesting places that the forest borders is an ancient burial ground from between 500 bc - 1000 ad. The place is frequented by a small flock of local sheep that by grazing on the grass helps maintain the site.

The streaming is part of Reveil organized by Soundcamp. 'Reveil travels West on live audio feeds from streamers around the world at daybreak, making a loop over one earth day.'

Sonic Encounters with Boundaries
Streaming between 05.04.2021 - 25.04.2021

How do borders sound? How can sound help us articulate the existence of borders that normally remain distant or imperceptible to our senses? How can sound place us in a position from which borders – cultural, political, cross-generational and between species - can be scrutinized? In March, Walking Festival of Sound launched an open call seeking fixed media pieces - e.g. soundscape compositions, soundwalks, field recordings - that critically and creatively address the above questions. You can listen to the eight selected pieces via live stream on the Fragmentarium Club Radio.

The streaming is part of the Walking Festival of Sound, an initiative uniting scholars, artists, and activits who explore the potential of listening and walking practices. ,

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Last Walk of Olof Palme
Streaming on Sunday, 28.02.2021 at 23:16

February 28, 2021 marks the 35th anniversary of the Olof Palme assassination. Last Walk of Olof Palme was a commemorative artistic experience created to mark 25 years since this one of the leading political figures in the history of Sweden and Europe was killed on Sveavägen. The public was invited to take a part in a soundwalk which followed the exact path that Olof Palme and Elsiabet, his wife, took after leaving the Grand cinema. During the 4 minute and 30 second walk, participants of the soundwalk listened to a sonic composition, a vocal interpretation of the GPS data extracted from the reenactment of that last walk. The soundscape composition is synchronized with the avarege pace of a passerby, ending at the very place of the murder near the subway entrance. Last Walk of Olof Palme was a response to the anticipated discontinuation of the investigation into the Palme's murder. According to the Swedish statute of limitation at the time, an unresolved case could be closed after 25 years. (However, in 2010 Sweden removed the statute of limitations on murders, specifically so that the search for Palme's killer could go on for as long as it needed. In fact, it was concluded in the summer 2020, suggesting that Stig Engström, a local graphic designer, was the actual assassin). The project tested the potential of sound and sounwalking to constitute a symbolic zone for an individual and collective act of remembrance in the context of public space.

The event took place on Monday, February 28, 2011 between 12 and 23:21. Passersby could take a walk at the site, 16 minutes past every hour, which corresponded to 23:16, the time when Palme and his wife began the tragic walk)/ Project director: Jacek Smolicki, Programming: Brett Ascarelli, Vocals: Therese Karlsson ,

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Intertidal Room
Streaming from Monday, 28.09.2020 to 28.10.2020 during low tides in Vancouver

Intertidal Room is a soundwalk composition originally developed for Vancouver coastline near Stanley Park, an unceded territory of Coast Salish people.

This soundwalk piece is intended to be listened to during a period of slack water. It is a moment when tide is at the lowest point and soon about to return. Attending to the fugitive nature of intertidal zones, this soundwalk intends to provide room for an increased aural attention to intertidal species and the ways people have been cultivating, affecting but also disrupting various, also imperceptible layers of these complex environments.

With a few exceptions, sounds featured in this soundwalk composition derive from field recording sessions conducted in various intertidal zones that surround Vancouver and Stanley Park in particular. They took place between March and September 2020.

The piece premiered on Sunday the 27th of September. Beginning on the following day, the soundwalk is streamed here everyday during times of low tide in Vancouver. You can find the extact times on the project's website

This soundwalk is part of Jacek Smolicki's international postdoctoral research. Funded by the Swedish Research Agency and anchored at the Department of Culture and Society at Linköping University in Sweden, this artistic research project explores the history, present and future of soundwalking and field recording practices in the context of arts, environmental humanities, and philosophy of technology.The project was developed during Smolicki's research visit to the Sonic Research Studio at the Simon Fraser University's School of Communication, in spring and summer 2020.

Minuting (2010-2020)
First streaming on Monday, 27.07.2020 9am - 28.07.2020 9am (CET)

While walking in Palestine/Israel ten years ago, at once enchanted, touched, and troubled by its multi-layered soundscapes, I pressed that little red button of my portable audio recording device. Ever since then, whenever attracted, disrupted, or intrigued by a public soundscape, I have been committed to repeating this gesture and recording for at least one minute daily. This deliberate and perhaps slightly obsessive self-imposed constraint has helped increase my sonic perceptiveness in the long run. In other words, recording has become a conduit to listening better, or differently, beyond the recorded.

To mark the 10th anniversary of Minuting (which also inspired the foundation of Fragmentarium Club), I will in various ways approach and work with the project's archive which at the moment comprises 4831 one-minute recordings. To begin, a series of 24-hour audiocasts will feature a randomized selection from the whole collection of recordings made between July 2010 and July 2020. Simultaneously, I will in the following months successively publish and reflect on selected recordings on A more extensive peer-reviewed article about the project is planned for early 2021.

Minuting is part of Jacek Smolicki's On-Going Project a larger para-archival framework comprising a range of multi-modal documentary practices in which Smolicki records various facets of everyday life in the contemporary techno-culture.

Streaming on Tuesday, 05.05.2020, 9am - 9pm (CET)

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we experience our everyday soundscapes. A number of sound artists take advantage of this situation to go out, hunt for unique sounds and inspire others to do the same. In contrast to that, Roomtones focuses on domestic environments. It prompts the recordist and listener to reflect on the privilege of having a roof over one’s head while calling to rediscover sonic intricacies of our homes.

After the streaming, the piece will be available here, on bandcamp . All donations from the purchase of the composition resulting from the contributed sounds will be transferred to Downtown Eastside Women's Center in Vancouver currently providing help to homeless women affected by the pandemic.

Contributors (in random order): Billie Easton, Ami Kohara, Martina Raponi, Tim Shaw, Lucia Hinojosa Gaxiola, Mary Nogacka, Brett Ascarelli, Michal Smolicki, Jacek Smolicki (editing)

Dawn Chorus Day Soundwalk
Streaming on Sunday, 02.05.2020, 9:25am - 9:25pm (PT)

In contrast to ever more popular installments of passive microphones and live streaming of birds' activity, I keep advocating the practice of soundwalking by, if possible, taking an early morning stroll to the nearest forest or park. I believe that listening is about participating in the soundscape whether we see it as something positive or not. To me, passive capturing of nature follows a questionable tradition of removing ourselves from the environment in order to achieve a seemingly detached, all-encompasing position of control. Therefore, instead of a static kind of listening from one, detached and fixed point, I advocate dynamic, embodied and serendipitious ear-witnessing through a combination of the fluctuating aural perception and moments of grounded soundness. In this looped recording I am wearing binaural microphones while taking a soundwalk through Sunset Beach Park and Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC, on May 2, 2020, between 5:00 and 7:00 am, Pacific time.

Featured (in random order) are birds including Pacific Wren, American Robin, Song Sparrow, Spotted Towhee, Great Blue Heron, Great Blue Heron chick, Mallard, Wood Duck, Glacous-winged Gull, Mew gull, Black-capped Chickadee, Hummingbird, Downy woodpecker among many other earthly actors and phenomena.


Fragmentarium club radio is dedicated to the unspectacular, infra-ordinary, fragmentary, and slow. The broadcast happens irregularly and is programmed on-the-go. Check above for more details. If you have something inconspicuous to 'shair', get in touch at info[at]fragmentarium[dot]club. You are welcome to support the radio through a purchase of different sound works at bandcamp